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This study aims to analyze the effect of Net Profit Margin (NPM), Return on Equity (EPS) on Stock Price of manufacturing companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)  of the observation year 2012 - 2016.The data used are secondary data and analytical methods, using multiple linear regression analysis with the help of Statistical Product and Service Solution (SPSS) program version 23 to obtain a comprehensive picture of the relationship between variables one with other variables. The sample in this research consist of fifteen (15) manufacturing companies group of chemical industry sectors listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in observation 2012 until 2016 with purposive sampling method as sampling method.The results of this study are: (1) Net Profit Margin (NPM) influential on Stock Price, (2) Return On Equity (ROE) effect on Stock Price, (3) Earning Per Share (EPS) effect on Stock Price, (4) ) The results of regression analysis simultaneously influenced the result that Earning Per Share (EPS) effect on Stock Price. As for Net Profit Margin (NPM) and Return on Equity (ROE) does not affect the stock price.


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MuhamadJusmansyah. (2019). Analysis of the Influence of Net Profit Margin, Return on Equity and Earnings PER Share of the Stock Price Case Study: Manufacturing industry sub-sector chemical industry listed on the IDX 2016. Restaurant Business, 118(5), 17-28. Retrieved from