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Today the online marketing trend is experiencing a significant increase. This is marked by the emergence of social media and online shop that offers a wide range of products to prospective customers. The challenge for online marketers is how they can convince potential customers of the legality of the company and the truth of the products they sell, in response to opinions that come to the minds of people that online shopping is vulnerable to fraud. On the other hand online marketing has advantages compared to traditional marketing, both for business actors, and for consumers. In this study the author tries to present the discussion of factors that affect consumer purchasing decisions, namely consumer testimonials and television advertising. How the influence of each variable and the influence of variables simultaneously. Research conducted on one of the largest online shop in Indonesia is, which is a group of online German internet rocket company. The results showed that partially consumer testimonials and television ads significantly influence the purchase decision of the product This can be seen from the value of t arithmetic greater than nlai t table (4.281> 2.009 & 5.410> 2.009) and from the sig value smaller than 0.05. Simultaneously consumer testimonials and television advertising variables significantly influence purchasing decisions. Consumer testimonials and television advertisements account for 70.6% of purchasing decisions.

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Faeni, R. P., & Faeni, D. P. (2019). Customer Behaviour Analysis on Purchasing Decision for Online Shop Lazada Effected by Cunsomers Testimonies and Television Advertising. Restaurant Business, 118(5), 29-33. Retrieved from