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The ability of the company in earning profit is the main key indicator of the ability of the company to pay dividends., The purpose of this study is to see the effect of Leverage, Liquidity, Profitability, and Growth on Dividend Policy as measured by Divident Payout Ratio (DPR) are the sub-sectors of construction and building that listed in the Bursa Effect Indonesia (BEI) period 2013 -2016. The type of the data used is quantitative Data Obtained from a secondary source of data that is in the form of financial statements from the official website Obtained by 8 companies. The analysis method used is multiple linear regression analysis and processing of data using SPSS 20.0 for Windows. Based on the results of the analysis, it is known that the variable of Leverage, Liquidity and Profitabilty has no effect on Dividend Policy. Meanwhile, Growth has a negative effect on Dividend Policy, The determination coefficient of 26.2% where there are still 73.8% more changes in the dependent variable that is influenced by other variables not included in this study.

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