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India’s growth rate has been increasing in this global economy.  Organization plays a major role in it. Every organization has some unique climate to satisfy the employees and to retain them. Organizational climate is considered a molar concept. In this highly competitive world, Employees are expecting management support and a friendly atmosphere in order to continue their career in their respective organization. Back in the year of 1930’s organization climate is a synonym for the corporate environment. Whenever employees feel they are not satisfied with the job and the climate of an organization, they are ready to switch over the job. Employee’s migration affected the organization, especially talented employees. To retain the talented employees every organization should look into each and every nook and cranny to satisfy the employees need. The organizational climate is one of the ways to retain talented employees. This research paper, therefore, identifies the role of organizational climate & Talent Retention in promoting sustainable development at organizations and identifies the relationship between organizational climate and talent retention, to find out the impact of talent retention on organizational climate and to identify the most preferred organizational activities offered by employers to retain a talented employee with particular reference to Chennai using descriptive survey research design. The research hypothesis was tested using Statistical tools such as Correlation, Multiple Regression, and Weighted Mean Average. 277 respondents were analyzed using a Systematic Random sampling method. The findings revealed that there is a relationship between organizational climate and talent retention. Internal Promotion & Friendly Environment influences more in an organizational climate to retain a talented employee. Flexibility & Physical comfort are the most preferred organizational activities offered by employers to retain a talented employee. Hence it is proved that organizational climates drive the talented employees to retain in the organization.

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