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The basic purpose of the study was to understand and analyze the relationship between the work related variable  experience of the employee, number of jobs changed previously and current designation he holds and voluntary turnover intentions. It also served the purpose of identifying the relationship if any between the number of jobs changed by an employee and his present designation with his voluntary turnover intentions. It was found by the study that the experience that an employee holds as well as the number of times he changed his jobs have significant influence in the development of voluntary turnover intentions. The study chose respondents working in the software companies in Chennai city working population where job hopping is identified as a common trend. For the analysis of data one way ANOVA was used for the study.

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Sudhakaran, P., & Senthilkumar, D. G. (2019). Understanding the Relationship Between Work Variables and Voluntary Turnover Intentions of Software Professionals in India. Restaurant Business, 118(5), 143-148. Retrieved from