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Quality of work life denotes all the inputs which aim at the employee’s satisfaction and enhancing effectiveness of emotions. The concept of this study is to develop jobs and working conditions that are excellent for employees as well as economic health of faculties. It refers to the level of jobsatisfaction, encouragement, commitment towards job, and involvement an individual experience with respect to their line at the work. Employees work culture and to analyse the findings and provide useful suggestions to thefaculties. The type of research adopted in this study is Descriptive Research. Random sampling method is used to collect data, the sample size is 120. Questionnaire was used to collect the primary data. The findings revealed that the organization is providing good working conditions and the overall emotions towards job satisfaction was found to be good and overall quality of work life is good. The organization can improve infrastructure facilities so as to improve the performance of employees. This study highlighted only some of the small gaps in employee’s satisfaction towards the quality of work life.



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