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Offline, desktop, and OTT QR codes, optimized for your app

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Branch provides the missing link

Many quick response (QR) codes are not optimized for app acquisition and engagement. Branch QR codes are powered by reliable deep linking, guaranteed attribution through install, and accurate conversion data.

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QR codes at your convenience

Quickly create QR codes in the Branch Dashboard or convert any URL with one click from your browser using our Chrome extension.

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Scale via SDK or API

Speed up your workflow by generating branded QR codes programmatically, enabling you to scale to enterprise-level traffic without developer work or fear of breakage.

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User experience you can rely on

Route users from QR codes, through app install if needed, directly to specific app content, all thanks to Branch deep linking.

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Update on the fly

Easily create, customize, and update QR code links anytime, anywhere, with a branded user experience to ensure that your latest content is always up-to-date and optimized for conversions.

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Deep dive into performance

Capture accurate attribution, view QR code performance right in the dashboard, and compare against all your other marketing channels.