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Deduplicated, accurate attribution across paid, owned, and earned channels is vital

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Understand the real impact of your campaigns

Make better investment decisions with attribution for paid, owned, and earned channels in one dashboard

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See what drove customers to convert

Attribution helps you understand the cause-and-effect relationship between your marketing activities and conversion events by your users, and demonstrates how marketing campaigns drive results in areas that truly matter to your business.

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Know where to invest your resources

With reliable attribution data, you’ll be able to find your top-performing campaigns, protect and optimize your marketing budget, and make data-driven decisions to focus your resources on opportunities with the highest ROI.

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Count your conversions the same way, everywhere

Unified attribution gives you a single source of unbiased truth, so you can compare equivalent performance metrics across all of your channels and platforms in one place.

What is attribution?

In the digital world, attribution data helps you determine what actions were caused or influenced by a particular set of circumstances.

Your marketing attribution system should perform at least these three vital tasks:

  • Capture interactions between your users and your brand
  • Count conversions by the user
  • Link those conversions back to any interactions that — in theory — prompted them.

When done correctly, this process allows you to determine if your campaigns are worth the cost.

Why is unified attribution better?

User journeys are complex: people engage with multiple channels on their conversion path from brand exposure to last touch. Our cross-platform, cross-device, and cross-channel view of all your attribution data from paid, owned, and earned channels educates you so you can understand the complete journey and better, more informed investment decisions.

Two steps to better attribution

1. Start tracking all of your touchpoints
User journeys happen across channels and devices. To get accurate attribution, you need to measure all of them. Fortunately, we at Branch have been powering flawless cross-channel user experiences for years, which means our links have a proven track record of working everywhere.

2. Get the whole story
Your customer journeys aren’t linear, so your attribution solutions shouldn’t be either. Conversions can happen on any platform, and to understand the full return of your marketing investments, you have to track all of your campaigns. Branch has you covered on every platform, across paid, owned, and earned channels. With last-touch attribution by default, our attribution reporting is free from systemic bias toward any specific channel or source, and instead is designed to give useful insights for omnichannel marketing strategies.

Learn how Branch attribution is different

Our goal is to help you create authentic connections with your customers through amazing user experiences, and give you the data you need to make better business decisions. We don’t exist to sell retargeting data and won’t charge you more just because you drive more conversions. We care about the same thing you do: happy, engaged, retained users.

We moved from our old attribution provider to Branch because of its cross-platform attribution and deep linking capabilities. We’re now able to accurately measure the full value of each marketing channel and improve marketing performance after leveraging Branch links in our ad campaigns. Branch is the best cross-platform solution for us to improve both user experience and marketing performance.

Picture of Byung Wan Kim, Marketing Lead, Market Kurly

Byeong Wan Kim
Marketing Lead, Market Kurly

When we identified an attribution gap, Branch was interested in hearing about our challenge and was proactive in solving the problem.

Picture of Jen Taylor, VP Director of Digital Audience Development, A&E Networks

Jen Taylor
VP Director of Digital Audience Development, A&E Networks

We went with Branch as our MMP tool because they had solutions beyond attribution, such as the ability to power quick links, email, and web-to-app customizable banners on our website—it’s what we rely on to create a best-in-class experience for our members in order for our product to be successful.

picture of Kevin Chelak Acquisition, Marketing Director, iFIT

Kevin Chelak, Acquisition Marketing Director

We moved from AppsFlyer to Branch for our attribution and we’ve been very happy. Branch is the next-gen tool we’ve been waiting for.

Picture of Marie Huynh, Digital Marketing PM, hipages

Marie Huynh
Digital Marketing PM, Hipages

Attribution solutions from Branch


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Simple, one-time setup

Branch has seamless integrations to plug into your marketing, product, and data stacks.

Review our mobile SDK documentation

Review our web SDK documentation

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Cross-channel insights

Compare all your marketing channels—including web, email, ads, social, SEO, affiliates, QR codes, and more—with standardized, deduplicated data in one place.

Learn about our platform

blue header icon for Cohort analysis for everything

Cohort analysis for everything

Get apples-to-apples comparisons for all of your marketing campaigns, paid and organic, no matter where they happen.

Learn more about cohort analytics

blue header icon for Configurable attribution windows

Configurable attribution windows

Set the custom attribution windows best suited to your campaigns, down to the individual link level.

Learn how to configure attribution windows

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Advanced analytics dashboard

See where clicks, installs, and conversion events occurred. Segment by device, platform, channel, campaign, and more.

Learn more about the Branch dashboard

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Owned and earned attribution

Stop using different tools for different platforms and channels. Branch helps you see the impact of your campaigns in one place.

Learn more about Branch’s mobile linking platform (MLP)

blue header icon for Centralized data, across all ad networks

Centralized data, across all ad networks

Get deduplicated conversion numbers across ad networks, so you can make more confident investment decisions.

Learn more about Universal ads

blue header icon for App attribution for SEO

App attribution for SEO

Unlock the value and ROI of SEO in the context of mobile app engagement and improve decision-making across marketing channels.

Learn more about SEO App Attribution

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Complete data freedom

Your data is yours, and you can get it via turnkey integrations, robust APIs, webhooks, and CSV exports.

Learn more about data integrations

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