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Reliable deep linking and attribution for every paid, owned, and earned marketing channel

Links that just work

Deliver the best user experience with powerful marketing links that work on every platform and every channel.

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Attribution for everything

Attribute app actions to the campaign that drove them, from every channel, platform, and OS for optimization and maximum ROI.

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Guiding new or returning web visitors to your app


Your mobile website gets a lot of traffic but it’s not optimized for conversions and engagement compared to your mobile app.


Convert casual web visitors into loyal app users with custom, targeted smart banners that carry context through install for a stellar first impression. If they land on your website in the future, seamlessly direct app users to the content they’re viewing in your mobile app.

Learn how La Redoute increased their AOV by 3x

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Optimizing install and mobile re-engagement ads


You spend valuable ad dollars capturing and reengaging app users, but in today’s privacy-driven world, it’s harder than ever to get useful, unbiased attribution data.


We not only provide accurate, deduplicated install attribution, but also deliver users to specific content in your app post install, increasing their likelihood to convert.

Learn how Checkout 51 increased conversions from paid ads

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Measuring OTT campaigns


Users are spending more time on over-the-top (OTT) devices and platforms than ever before, but few measurement solutions are suited for its unique challenges.


We make it effortless to expand and integrate OTT into your omnichannel campaign strategy and unify all paid OTT efforts in a single dedicated OTT dashboard.

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Enhancing and measuring affiliate marketing


Linking to specific product or category pages is critical for affiliates, but the difficulties with mobile linking can raise obstacles along the way. Plus, attributing app conversions to affiliate clicks is a challenge for traditional mobile measurement partners (MMPs).


We help drive conversions and campaign ROI by enabling deep linking into the app from affiliates. Then, get deduplicated app conversion data to make accurate payouts at the product or category level with real-time affiliate campaign data.

Learn how RummyPassion attributed 10x more affiliate partner sales

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Delivering email readers directly to your app


There are many edge cases to solve for when linking out of the email channel, and email click analytics alone won’t show you pivotal insights such as if someone purchases in app days after clicking an email.


We solve linking on mobile. With extensive email service provider (ESP) integrations and a team deeply familiar with the challenges on mobile, we improve the email workflow, provide more contextual user experiences, increase email revenue, and provide new down-funnel attribution from email.

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Powering mobile user-to-user sharing and referrals


Virality is a challenging feature to build, optimize, and measure. Referral programs also often fall flat because the transition from one app into the next is broken.


Our mobile linking platform (MLP) specializes in the accurate link matching necessary to drive a successful referral program and credit the correct referring user. Our attribution allows you to connect the dots to see which users are referring others and which shared content is driving engagement.

Learn how Rappi’s app went viral with Branch

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Measuring web SEO traffic to the app


Search engine optimization (SEO) teams spend countless hours optimizing search results. Enabling deep linking historically meant losing visibility into their efforts, missing key performance index (KPI) goals, and working around blind spots in the overall marketing strategy.


Our SEO App Attribution solution provides insight into app opens and down-funnel events coming from organic search traffic, helping marketers unlock the value and ROI of SEO in the context of mobile app engagement, thereby improving decision making across marketing channels.

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Enabling and measuring offline to app experiences


Customers expect to be able to use your app at any stage of the customer journey, and you need a way to move your users from offline into your app. QR codes have taken off, but a lot of QR codes are not optimized for app engagement.


We make it easy to programatically create branded QR codes so you can speed up your workflow, eliminate developer work, and scale to enterprise-level traffic – all without fear of breakage. Users will always be routed to the right content in your app, even after installing, and you’ll be able to tie app activity back to the QR code that drove it, even to a specific store location or product.

Learn how Peet’s Coffee & Tea scaled QR codes across their coffee bars

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Breaking out of walled gardens


Social platforms load an in-app browser designed to keep app users in a walled version of their website. You’re missing out on driving engagement and conversions every time your users are stuck within a walled garden instead of on your native app.


Our branded short links can be scaled across social channels to take app users from content in a social post to the same content in your app (or after install for new users). With cross-channel analytics, you’ll unlock insight into organic social as an acquisition channel and attribute downstream events to the social campaign that drove them.

Learn how RTLZWEI drove installs and engagement from social

Creating and measuring cross-device journeys


Your user journeys span devices, so you need powerful, innovative linking and measurement to drive app installs and engagement from desktop and OTT streaming platforms.


Our QR code solution is perfect for building the cross-device bridge. Not only do we make it easy to create branded QR codes, but we also provide campaign data so you can see how your efforts are driving acquisition and engagement. Use QR codes on OTT to support cross-device login or include them in TV promos. After a desktop user completes an action, use the opportunity to push for an install via a QR code.

Learn how a leading QSR increased installs by 20%

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Customizing app onboarding


Any great product manager knows user retention begins at onboarding. Considering the amount of money spent on user acquisition, a weak onboarding experience is a missed opportunity to ensure your acquired users are retained.


Delight users from the outset by personalizing new users’ onboarding process with custom parameters tracked to, and through, the install process. Use Branch to link to a specific page in the app, and carry context to route to a welcome discount, personalized greeting, or product tour.

Learn how Addison Lee achieved a 95% completion rate

“Where Branch became a compelling value prop for us was the breadth of coverage of the product and offerings so we could achieve a lot of our different goals around building a referral program, managing link distribution at scale, doing attribution, plugging into paid networks, and more. The Branch team, company, and people we interact with on a day-to-day basis have continued to be incredibly solution-oriented, helpful, productive partners for us.”

Andrew Touchstone, Senior Director, Growth Marketing
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