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Optimize campaign performance and track the impact of your spend

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Claim your missing conversions

Complicated, cross-platform experiences are the norm and your mobile measurement partner (MMP) needs to keep up. Complex conversions that legacy systems miss or, worse, put into the wrong bucket, now show up where they belong.

Get ahead with unique, cross-platform insights into your ad data

Optimize with granular data including down-funnel events combined across platforms, conversion rates compared by ad network, and long-term trends broken down by platform, ad set name, channel, and more.

Attribute app conversions to web ads

Retarget app users who see a web ad and then purchase in the app, attribute revenue to the web ad that drove the install, and measure cumulative revenue from users across both web and app.

Improve ad experience with deferred deep linking

Increase conversions by taking new users straight to specific ad content after install, and run engagement campaigns to your existing users with built-in support for Universal Links and Android App Links.

Every ad network you need for every objective

Work with niche publishers to reach a specific audience or try out new ad networks without additional integration work. We have pre-configured integrations for all the ad networks you need.

Branch Certified Partner Program

Branch is working to elevate standards in the mobile supply chain with a coalition of ad networks dedicated to transparency for marketers.

Industry-leading partnerships

We provide advanced ad attribution insights through our partnerships with all the major self-attributing networks (SANs) to give you full insight into your ROI. 

Advertising demystified

Track web and app together

Get the whole picture, whether conversion events happen on your website or in the app.

Links that just work

World-class deep linking as the foundation, not an afterthought. Includes support for iOS Universal Links and Android App Links.

Configure attribution windows

Set the custom attribution windows best suited to your campaigns, down to the individual link level.

Real-time postbacks

Choose which events trigger postbacks and customize them separately for each ad network.

Deep linking and attribution combined

Use a single link for both purposes. No more compromises or hacky workarounds.

View-through attribution

Get visibility into ROI not just when users click your ads, but also when they view them.

From our customers

“Branch’s mobile ad-level tracking and in-app event attribution have helped us achieve consistent and scalable audience growth, despite a rapidly evolving identity landscape.”

Headshot of Jason Elk, Head of Audience Acquisition, 9Now

Jason Elk, Head of Audience Acquisition, 9Now

“We moved from AppsFlyer to Branch for our attribution and we’ve been very happy. Branch is the next-gen tool we’ve been waiting for.”

Headshot of Marie Huynh, Digital Marketing PM, HiPages

Marie Huynh, Digital Marketing PM, HiPages

“We decided to switch to Branch as our complete app attribution partner because it solved our attribution challenges — especially web to app.”

Headshot of Amjed Darweesh, Product Manager, Landmark Group

Amjed Darweesh, Product Manager, Landmark Group

“Branch is a great attribution partner for us because they’re always a step ahead.”

Headshot of Dan Laufer, Director of Growth and Partnerships, Nextdoor

Dan Laufer, Director of Growth and Partnerships, Nextdoor

“Branch’s Integration with Google Marketing Platform has really brought speed and precision to our campaigns. While the results speak for themselves, the ease of integration and extent of in-app optimization is unparalleled.”

Headshot of Prasad Shejale, Digital Marketing Manager, Licious

Prasad Shejale, Digital Marketing Manager, Licious

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What Mobile App Events Should You Track With Your MMP?

Measuring the important KPI events for your business, downstream events users perform after installing your app, and important conversion events used for ads optimization with Branch’s SAN integrations can help a business understand what works and what doesn’t.