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Create, manage, and analyze links at scale using LinkHub

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Save effort, time, and resources with sophisticated link management


Promote link consistency

Govern schemas, user access, and tagging to drive more consistent link behavior and standardized reporting.


Build and deploy links faster

Increase team efficiency and reduce manual work with tools to create standardized links 52% faster and in bulk.


Manage and report on links

Monitor and optimize past links and campaigns with an easy-to-use analytics UI and fast search and filtering.

Branch links are powerful

Branch’s powerful deep links can generate a lot of value for your organization, but tapping into the full potential means scaling deep linked campaigns across platforms and channels.

LinkHub helps you maximize potential

Purpose-built for enterprise linking, LinkHub eliminates manual work and promotes link governance to save you time and generate more revenue from your deep link campaigns.

Streamline your link management workflow with LinkHub

Link templates

Build templates to apply reusable attributes to your Branch Branch Quick Links and ad links, then quickly create and deploy links while ensuring link data governance.

Bulk link tools

Leverage pre-built link templates to create, edit, export, copy, archive, and delete links at scale to save time and ensure clean link data.


Fast search and filtering

Easily find any past links via a search bar and apply filters like “Created By” to make your search more efficient.

Link creation

Create links and QR codes for any marketing channel within one unified linking platform.


View, customize, and sort Branch link performance analytics within the LinkHub UI, and measure Quick Link performance with link-level analytics.

Fuel cross-team efficiency

Marketing operations

Enable team members to deploy campaigns efficiently and govern analytic schemas to standardize reporting and credit.

Social, growth, and performance marketers

Create more deep linked campaigns faster, then understand which campaigns are working best to reach your KPIs.

Product managers

Monitor and drive more consistent link behavior to deliver better mobile experiences.

Data and analytics teams

Get more consistent link reporting and analytics schemas for cleaner, more reliable data. 


Save time, unnecessary work, and troubleshooting related to link behavior and analytics schemas. 

“As a leading sports brand, our goal is to offer customers faster, seamless and convenient shopping experiences across channels. Branch’s efficient and integrated solutions for deep linking and attribution have helped us create a powerful experience for our native shopping app for both the customers and our backend team. With Branch’s innovative Link Templates feature, we built a standardized tracking system that has allowed our team to effectively define attributions and conversion windows. Branch has helped us save time and resources significantly.”

Prabhdeep Bedi
Director and Head of D2C eCommerce General Management, Puma

Access LinkHub via the Branch Advanced Platform

LinkHub is seamlessly integrated into the Branch Advanced Platform, designed to drive efficiency and value for enterprises.

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