Representing the Branch brand

Branch is a global brand, so it’s important to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout all visual and written representations of the company.

From logos, color, and typography, to high-level messaging, legal documentation, and founder bios — this guide has it all.

Please note: this is a living document that will be updated as our industry and company continue to change and grow.

Company logo and badge

Often referred to as our word mark, our full Branch logo is a visual representation of who we are. Alternatively, the Branch badge is an iconic version of our logo without the word Branch being present. Your go-to in adding a logo to a branded design is the word mark, but some instances and designs require our simpler icon identity versus the word mark.

Branch full color logo, the word branch with a linking tree off of the letter h

Full-color logo 




Branch full color reversed logo, the word branch with a linking tree off of the letter h

Color-reversed logo




Branch dark single color logo, the word branch with a linking tree off of the letter h

All black logo




Branch white logo, the word branch with a linking tree off of the letter h

All white logo




Full-color badge




Branch full color reversed glyph, the image of a linking tree in a circle

Color-reversed badge




Branch single color dark glyph, the image of a linking tree in a circle

All black badge




Branch white glyph, the image of a linking tree in a circle

All white badge




Logo display

Please use the logo exactly as it is provided. 

Using the full-color logo is preferred. However, in some cases a full-color logo may not be practical or possible. For these instances, use the color-reversed logo as a secondary option. 

Icon grey circle with an X inside   Do not alter the color of the logo.

Icon grey circle with an X inside  Do not lock up text to change the Branch name or add additional text, and/or skew the logo.

Icon grey circle with an X inside  Do not apply any effects, overlay the logo on a low contrast photo, or lock up the badge with the word logo.

Icon grey circle with an X inside   Do not change the Branch typography to any other than what is provided, move the nodes or add the nodes to alternate text, give the text a style, or alter the badge in any way.

Branch logo with indicators for size and spacing around the logo


Branch uses the typeface “Raleway” across all marketing and branded materials. Where possible, please use Raleway for Branch company summaries, founder introductions, or other blurbs about our company and team. If an alternate typeface is needed for the above listed content, please consider Arial

Download brand font

Examples of the alphabet in the Raleway style font, bold and regular

Colors and styling

Our Branch blue is the hero of our design assets. Is it a color that acts as a visual brand cue. It is important we never change the values of this blue as it is synonymous with our written logo or badge.


Branch Blue
HEX: #0074DF
RGB: 0, 16, 223
CMYK: 81, 54, 0, 0

Branch Gradient A
HEX: #0074DF > #4DD4FF
RGB: 0, 88, 220 > 12, 234, 220
CMYK: 81, 54, 0, 0 > 55, 0, 37, 0

Branch Gradient B
RGB: 255, 255, 255 > 101, 255, 227 > 0, 178, 254
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0 > 55, 0, 37, 0 > 56, 0, 6, 0


Bright Blue
RGB: 77, 212, 255
CMYK: 56, 0, 6, 0

Bright Teal
RGB: 12, 234, 220
CMYK: 55, 0, 37, 0

Bright Purple
HEX: #711DF4
RGB: 113, 29, 244
CMYK: 85, 92, 0, 0


RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Neutral 100
RGB: 244, 246, 252
CMYK: 3, 2, 0, 0

Neutral 200
HEX: #E4E7F5
RGB: 228, 231, 245
CMYK: 9, 6, 0, 0

Neutral 300
RGB: 188, 192, 212
CMYK: 25, 20, 7, 0

Neutral 400
HEX: #7C829F
RGB: 124, 130, 159
CMYK: 56, 46, 23, 1

Neutral 500
HEX: #4C5478
RGB: 76, 84, 120
CMYK: 78, 69, 31, 13

Neutral 600
HEX: #1F2852
RGB: 31, 40, 82
CMYK: 98, 91, 38, 35

Neutral 700
HEX: #050E3C
RGB: 5, 14, 60
CMYK: 100, 95, 40, 54

Limited Use

HEX: #05A696
RGB: 5, 166, 150
CMYK: 75, 6, 46, 0

RGB: 251, 95, 61
CMYK: 0, 78, 81, 0

RGB: 205, 63, 255
CMYK: 25, 82, 0, 0

HEX: #FFD600
RGB: 255, 214, 0
CMYK: 1, 13, 100, 0

Branch voice

The Branch voice is professional, insightful, innovative, and data-driven. We are a trusted resource for professionals working in a dynamic mobile ecosystem.

While formality varies across channels and in regard to topic, the core characteristics of the Branch voice are:

Things to avoid:

Icon grey circle with an X inside  Colloquialisms and idioms

Icon grey circle with an X inside  Extreme informality

Icon grey circle with an X inside  Esoteric language

Blue icon of an eye


Every piece of Branch content works to bring clarity and a fresh perspective to an emerging industry, presents a clear solution, or lays the foundation for industry expertise.

Blue icon of a globe with a refresh circle arrow


We are a global company with global customers. Our messaging is professional and concise to encourage clean translation around the globe. 

Blue icon of a lightbulb


We enable brands to build and measure user experiences across all platforms. Our innovative solution is captured with innovative messaging, where we bring new ideas backed by data and industry experts to the table.

Blue icon of a bar chart with center bar darker


We offer the industry’s leading mobile attribution and deep linking platforms. Branch uses an academic perspective with data-driven conclusions to share industry updates.

Branch tone

Inclusivity and accessibility are our priority

As a global company, we work to ensure that readers from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures feel included in our writing and can understand it, regardless of ability.

Branch abides by the following best practices for inclusivity:
  • Use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them/their) in reference to unspecified individuals.
  • When referring to persons with disabilities, emphasizing the person first – a person with a disability is not a disabled person.
  • Be specific about race, avoid broad generalizations.
  • Avoid regional phrases and slang, cultural references, and excessive jargon.
Branch abides by the following best practices for accessibility in writing:
  • Use accurate, detailed alt text for all images.
  • Improve readability with concise sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Avoid directional language (e.g., “top left nav” or “below is a list”).
  • Avoid abled language (e.g., users who are blind cannot “see more” and users with mobile disabilities might not “click here”).

Guidelines for using Branch Trademarks

A list of Branch’s registered and pending trademarks and guidelines for how to use or refer to Branch trademarks in publications are available at Branch’s Trademark List. For publicity inquiries or requests to use our names or trademarks, please submit any requests or inquiries to [email protected].

Please note: Though we maintain a trademark for “Branch Metrics,” publications should refer to the company name as “Branch.”

See full list of trademarks

Branch founders

Branch was founded in 2014 by Alex Austin, Mike Molinet, Mada Seghete, and Dmitri Gaskin with a mission to create a more connected, open, and relevant digital ecosystem. Today, Branch is the mobile growth platform of choice for over 100,000 apps and 3 billion monthly users around the world, and is one of Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing unicorns. 

Branch's four founders plus Alex's dog Maple smiling at the camera in front of the Branch glyph logo

David Karnstedt (he/him)

Chief Executive Officer


David is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Branch. For over 25 years, David has provided executive leadership with consistent focus and execution throughout the marketing technology ecosystem. David has a proven record as a scalable team-builder and world-class operator at Adobe, Efficient Frontier, Yahoo!, and Overture. Also, David has served on the Boards of Demandbase, Vantiv, Quantifind, and JumpTap, along with Senior Advisory appointments at Redpoint Ventures, and TPG Capital.

Robin Lykins (she/her)

Chief People Officer


Robin is Chief People Officer at Branch where she is focused on building a strong culture and organization where employees can contribute to company success in meaningful ways that allow them to do the best work of their careers. With over 25 years of experience, she brings a strong track record of successful leadership at both public and private high-growth and turnaround technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Irina Bukatik (she/her)

VP of Product


Irina is VP of Product at Branch. Irina and her team are instrumental in shaping product vision and product roadmaps, launching successful products, and driving revenue growth. Her ability to anticipate market trends, identify customer needs, and translate insights into innovative product solutions sets her apart as a strategic thinker and results-oriented leader.

Paula Mantle (she/her)

VP of Marketing


Paula is VP of Marketing at Branch. In her role, she is focused on introducing Branch to growth-oriented teams that are excited to learn about an enterprise solution to their daily challenges with linking and measurement. With over 15 years of experience leading multi-channel marketing efforts, Paula takes pride in building and executing creative marketing that informs and educates.

Stephanie Herndon-Rasse (she/her)

VP of Customer Experience


Stephanie is VP of Customer Experience at Branch, where she oversees improving the customer journey. With over 20 years of experience guiding businesses through their digital transformation journey, Stephanie brings unparalleled first-hand experience building programs that prioritize nurturing relationships and helping customers bring value to their organization.

Sahil Singh (he/him)

VP of Global SaaS Sales


Sahil is VP of Global SaaS Sales at Branch where he oversees the sales, pre-sales, business development, and business strategy functions. Sahil brings over 15 years of experience building GTM functions for SaaS companies across martech, customer experience, fintech, and revenue intelligence verticals. Sahil is a passionate leader focused on building a team of trusted advisors who help the world’s leading businesses scale their mobile growth efforts by utilizing Branch’s enterprise-grade platform.

Rick Johnson (he/him)

VP of Finance


Rick serves as VP of Finance at Branch where he leads the finance, revenue operations, and business operations teams. His focus extends from daily operations to long-term strategic planning. Rick plays a key role as an advisor on investment decisions, operational initiatives, and growth strategies to meet the financial obligations of Branch employees, customers, partners, and investors.

Harish Thimmappa (he/him)

General Manager of Discovery


Harish is VP and general manager for Branch’s Discovery business. In his role, he leads all partnerships and advertising business relationships. Harish has over two decades of experience growing technology businesses.

Adam Cohen (he/him)

SVP of Engineering


Adam is SVP of Engineering at Branch where he oversees its engineering, data science, QA, security, IT, and business systems teams. Adam and his team are always looking for new valuable features and platform capabilities to build that can help Branch customers meet their linking and measurement needs.

Branch Communities

Mobile Growth

Started in 2014 by Branch, the Mobile Growth community is a community of app developers, marketers, product managers, and anyone and everyone reaching for the same goal: to expand their brand’s presence in the mobile ecosystem.

Leaders in Mobile Growth

Started in 2022 by Branch, Leaders in Mobile Growth is an invite-only community bringing together cross-functional leaders from some of the top companies in mobile to exchange ideas and discuss how mobile has shifted and where it’s going next.

Leaders in Mobile Growth logo with blue connecting phones glyph

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