Build once, link anywhere, measure everything

Mobile linking and attribution for omnichannel brands

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Solve every edge case, measure every touchpoint

Enjoy reliable links and deduplicated, accurate attribution across paid, owned, and earned channels

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Links that just work

Deliver the best user experience with powerful marketing links that work on every platform and every channel.

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Attribution for everything

Capture every customer touchpoint across any channel, platform, OS to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI.

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Turn dollars into loyal users

We believe your mobile measurement partner (MMP) should give you more than just app install data. Our ad attribution solutions are designed to make sure you get accurate and unbiased data, even when the path to conversion is long and complex. Branch not only helps you measure your campaigns, but also improves performance. With reliable deep linking for your ads, including deferred deep linking through install, Branch supports an optimal ad experience for your users, leading to higher campaign ROI.

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Universal Ads

Measure and improve ad performance across every device and platform


Shield your team from the technical complexity of privacy compliance

Engagement Builder

Leverage omnichannel data to build custom audience groups

SKAdNetwork Support

Run successful iOS campaigns with privacy-focused attribution

Cost Aggregation

Centralize your cost data to understand true campaign ROI

Fraud Protection

Prevent wasted ad spend with superior fraud protection


Build bridges for organic growth

We built Branch’s pioneering deep linking technology to power world-class, deep linked user experiences from owned and earned channels, unlocking new opportunities for app acquisition and engagement. By doing so, we filled an attribution gap for channels that were once hard to measure and optimize. We continue to open new ways to grow your app, and provide the data you need to understand the impact of every owned and earned touchpoint.

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Bring web visitors into your app with smart banners

QR codes

Deploy QR codes designed to drive mobile app user acquisition and growth

Universal Email

Increase engagement with a seamless bridge from email to app

SEO App Attribution

Better optimize and measure organic search ROI


Show content previews to users before they install your app


Seamless customer experiences and measurement

The mobile world is full of chaos. Branch shields your team from systemic disruptions and protects and supports your privacy compliance. When you work with Branch, your data is yours. Period. We’ll deliver your standardized channel data in one place and ensure your links always work to deliver the best possible experience. Plus, you’ll get access to guidance and advice from our experts working as an extension of your team and dedicated to helping you achieve your mobile growth goals.

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Solve the deep linking challenges of Private Relay on iOS

Data Feeds

Import and export your Branch data everywhere


Save time and reduce cost with quick link templates, bulk creation tools, and advanced analytics for links at scale.


Benefit from a global network of partners across the mobile ecosystem

Professional Services

Maximize value with hands-on industry expertise from Branch

Security & Privacy

When you work with Branch, your data is yours

Branch solutions drive customer results

Over 100,000 companies – from startups to Fortune 500 brands – have chosen Branch to grow their business, improve their customer experience, and optimize campaign performance.