How This QSR Drove App Growth and Revenue From a Previously Untapped Channel




of QR code scans resulted in in-app sessions


increase in overall app installs


increase in monthly attributed purchases

Company background

A leading regional QSR chain launched an app that enables them to gain greater insights into customer behaviors and motivators by providing app-only features such as pre-order pickup, delivery, and daily prizes. The company’s mission has been to drive as much app adoption as possible, track cross-platform, cross-channel attribution to understand what marketing efforts are the most efficient and deliver a seamless user experience. Their partnership with Branch enables their team to meet these goals by tapping into less obvious channels to drive and measure app growth. 

Challenge: Driving installs and engagement for the QSR Industry

In the quick-service restaurant industry, consumers are increasingly adopting and gravitating to mobile tools that make the restaurant experience more convenient. Features such as mobile ordering, payment, and loyalty programs have helped transform an industry that was once entirely in-store. Today these tools are no longer a brand differentiator but a critical component of the QSR industry.  

This QSR knew its website attracted sizable traffic and that transitioning users into its app would create better experiences and increase engagement. They initially supported a standard download app CTA on the desktop, but the 20% of users who clicked on it experienced a dead end because they would have to open the app store on their phone and search for the app themselves.  

They wanted to find a customer-centric digital experience to bridge the gap between desktop and the app. Luckily, Branch offered an ideal solution. 

Solution: Branch’s QR Code Generator

For this QSR, offering users a seamless experience was necessary, so they quickly implemented a Branch-powered QR code to deep link users from desktop into the app.

Users could scan the QR code, and from there, they would be taken directly into the landing page in the App Store or Play Store to download their app. Branch QR codes have given this QSR an avenue to drive users seamlessly to the app from desktop and enables them to measure attribution from this channel.

Branch QR code generator: image of a QR code shown with a button to "download" a JPEG file of the code. Results

In the first two months, the QSR saw that of the scans of the QR code on their desktop website, over 60% resulted in in-app sessions (install, reinstall, or open), and 10% resulted in in-app transactions – driving both app growth and revenue from a previously untapped channel.

This has contributed to a 20% increase overall in app installs from their organic marketing channels and increased the amount of monthly attributed purchases by over 2.6X. These are conversions that could previously not be attributed to a marketing channel, meaning this additional data provides the QSR with valuable new insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

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