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Our Self-serve Platform is completely free for users with up to 10k monthly active users (MAU), $5/mo for each 1k MAU over 10k.

  • Guide new or returning web visitors to your app
  • Optimize install and mobile reengagement ads
  • Enhance and measure affiliate marketing
  • Deliver email readers directly to your app
  • Power mobile user-to-user sharing and referrals
  • Break out of walled gardens

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Remains completely free for users with up to 10k MAU, additional $5/mo for each 1k MAU over 10k, for each product added:

Custom pricing

Our Enterprise platform is ideal for both advanced mobile adopters with complex technology stacks and traditional enterprises looking to accelerate mobile presence.

Everything in Self-serve, plus:

  • Build audiences to re-engage your top users
  • Enable and measure offline-to-app experiences at scale
  • Measure OTT campaigns
  • Create and measure cross-device journeys
  • Measure web SEO traffic to your app
  • Adapt to industry changes with guidance from experts

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