The Branch Way

We build together, grow together, 
win together.

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Branch employees at at the office

We are builders.

At Branch, you will be empowered to make key decisions and take ownership of your projects, enabling you to create a lasting impact on the industry.


We care about growth.

Branch is where you will catapult your career. We will give you opportunities to grow and learn by investing in your professional development and supporting you to step outside your comfort zone.


We push for success.

At Branch, winning means each employee having an impact for every mobile user on the planet, furthering our mission to make the ecosystem more open, connected, and relevant.


Everything we do, we do together. One of the core benefits at working at Branch is a supportive environment where humility and collaboration are key to our success.

Our employees often tell us they are doing the best work of their career at Branch.

I joined for the people, but I’m staying for the impact. Here, I have the opportunity to not only build and scale finance operations, but also to support diverse and often underserved communities through ERG efforts.

Sarah (she/her), Finance Team

I am surrounded by very passionate and supportive people. Everybody’s work really matters and I feel I have a lot of autonomy to do what is right for the company and for my team. 

Fabi (she/her), Engineering Team

Since day one, I’ve been trusted to expand on opportunities within and outside my role, and that autonomy is encouraged company-wide. I am empowered to grow personally and professionally at Branch.

Amirah (she/her), Customer Success Team

What we value

Branch employees incorporate the following traits into their working style to achieve personal and professional growth.

Good judgment

We use critical thinking, a long term view, and sound logic to make wise decisions in moments of ambiguity.

What Good Judgment looks like:

  • You use the context of the situation and sound logic to come to a reasonable, (likely) correct conclusion.
  • You use critical and analytical thinking to make wise decisions despite ambiguity.
  • You think strategically, taking into account how your decisions impact others outside your scope.
  • You identify root causes and get beyond treating symptoms.
  • You use data to inform business decisions that support Branch in the long term.


Everyone on our team thinks of Branch as their company. The only way we’ll succeed in our mission to revolutionize the mobile ecosystem is to maintain a sense of ownership over everything we do.

What Ownership looks like:

  • You care about getting your projects done on time, and done correctly.
  • You are resource-conscious and treat Branch resources as your own.
  • You direct others on projects and are able to provide leadership to other team members.
  • You feel accountable not only for your work, but for the work of others as well.
  • You help to ensure we hire only the best.


We communicate more than feels natural so that everyone has the context they need to do good work. We are proactive, candid, open, and explicit, and we listen actively to others.

What Communication looks like:

  • You listen well and seek to understand before responding.
  • You communicate plans or ideas proactively; you don’t keep secrets.
  • You provide candid, helpful, timely feedback to colleagues. You act with candor, authenticity, transparency, and in a non-political way.
  • You only say things about fellow employees that you would say to their face.


Everyone works with a bias towards action, helping us to iterate and innovate quickly. We don’t ask for permission; we don’t wait to be told what to do.

What Initiative looks like:

  • You find problems instead of waiting for problems to come to you.
  • You seek orphan projects, find an owner, or complete them yourself.
  • You fix and improve things around you without being told to do so.
  • You take risks, seeking success but embracing failure.
  • You provide constructive feedback privately, not publicly.
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We care about results- not politics, not favoritism. Trivial things don’t get in the way of what’s best for the business and our team.

What Impact looks like:

  • You prioritize projects based on projected business impact.
  • You push back against rules and processes if they don’t make sense.
  • You define project result criteria and relentlessly pursue them until completed.
  • You confirm and report results after project completion.
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Everyone uses their time effectively, prioritizing and applying urgency to the projects with the biggest potential impact.

What Urgency looks like:

  • You inspire others to take action.
  • You present new ideas and move at blazing speed to stay ahead of the curve.
  • You identify what level of urgency and quality is appropriate for each situation and execute without sacrificing either.


We view failure and challenges as learning opportunities, and we are persistent and supportive of one another as we reach for success.

What Grit looks like:

  • You are persistent — you don’t let minor setbacks or challenges get in the way of reaching a goal.
  • You are passionate about learning and growing when lacking skills, knowledge, or experience.
  • You view setbacks and failures as learning opportunities and stay focused on long-term growth.


Everyone works together to make our product and our culture better. We’re all in this together, and we go out of our way to ensure we stay humble, free of ego, and collaborative.

What Humility looks like:

  • You treat people with respect, regardless of their position or agreement with you.
  • You include everyone’s opinion — every viewpoint has value.
  • You think any work that provides impact is valuable and no work is beneath you.
  • You admit mistakes freely and openly.

We’re committed to diversity, equity, 

and inclusion

We’re dedicated to building a company that is representative, respectful, and inclusive of all people, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

Learn more about Branch diversity