The Mobile Growth Awards aim to recognize and celebrate brands that lead exceptional growth and innovation in the mobile space. These awards provide a platform for current mobile industry leaders to acknowledge and honor upcoming brands that are making remarkable strides in the field of mobile growth.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners!

Best Mobile Growth Campaign

This award celebrates the brand who has developed and executed a comprehensive mobile growth strategy that encompasses various aspects of user acquisition, engagement, and conversion. The winner demonstrates exceptional results and innovative approaches in driving mobile growth.

Winner: Hallow Marketing Team

For their 2023 Ash Wednesday campaign to generate growth and cost effective customer acquisition.

Best Mobile Retention Campaign

This award highlights the Branch customer who has effectively leveraged Branch’s features and tools to drive exceptional user engagement within their mobile app. The winner showcases innovative retention strategies and outstanding results.

Winner: Target Australia Mobile App Team

For using Branch Universal Email to emphasize the post-purchase experience, thereby increasing customer lifetime value and retention via the mobile app.

Best App Adoption Campaign

This award celebrates the Branch customer who has excelled in driving exceptional web-to-app conversions, successfully transitioning website visitors into engaged mobile app users. The winner demonstrates outstanding implementation of Branch’s deep linking and Journeys smart banners to seamlessly guide and incentivize users to download and engage with their mobile app from their website. The recipient showcases innovative strategies, conversion rate optimization techniques, and measurable results in driving web-to-app conversions using Branch’s powerful tools.

Winner: End Clothing Performance Marketing Team 

For their strategic use of Branch Journeys web-to-app smart banners across their mobile site to guide and encourage users to download the mobile app.

Best Ad Conversion Campaign

This award celebrates the Branch customer who has achieved outstanding success in driving conversions from advertising campaigns through their mobile app. The winner demonstrates exceptional implementation and optimization of Branch’s deep linking and attribution solutions in their ad campaigns across various platforms, such as Facebook, Google Ads, or other mobile ad networks. The recipient showcases impressive conversion rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall mobile growth driven by their effective use of Branch’s tools in ad campaigns.

Winner: Baazi Games Growth Team

For utilizing Branch MMP to capture attribution data across various platforms and optimize campaign performance and ROI.

Best Use of Personalization

This award recognizes the Branch customer who has achieved remarkable results in mobile growth through the implementation of personalized user experiences. The winner showcases innovative use of Branch’s deep linking, data-driven personalization, and A/B testing capabilities.

Winner: Rakuten Growth Marketing Team

For their extensive use of Branch Journeys and its A/B testing capabilities to personalize the user experience and optimize the app install journey for year-over-year growth.

Best Social Engagement Campaign

This award recognizes the Branch customer who has achieved exceptional mobile growth by leveraging social media platforms effectively. The winner demonstrates outstanding use of Branch’s deep linking capabilities to drive user engagement and conversions from social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. The recipient showcases innovative strategies, creative campaigns, and measurable results in leveraging social media for mobile growth.

Winner: Dominos Indonesia Digital Marketing Team

For their Double Cheeseburst American Pie KOL or Key Opinion Leader marketing campaign across TikTok to generate virality and increase user acquisition.

Best QR Code Campaign

This award celebrates the Branch customer who has effectively leveraged QR codes to drive significant mobile growth and user engagement. The winner demonstrates innovative and impactful use of Branch’s deep linking technology combined with QR codes to seamlessly connect offline and online experiences, resulting in outstanding mobile app installations, conversions, or user interactions.

Winner: NBCU Local Audience Development Team

For their use of Branch QR codes on live broadcasts during Hurricane Hilary to drive app adoption for local audiences.

Best Use of a Strategic Partnership

This award celebrates the Branch customer who has demonstrated exceptional collaboration and innovation in leveraging Branch’s tech and/or agency partners to drive mobile growth. The winner showcases exemplary integration and utilization of Branch’s partner solutions, such as attribution providers, marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, or other complementary technologies. The recipient demonstrates outstanding results and showcases how the strategic use of Branch’s tech partners has contributed to their mobile app’s growth and success.

Winner: Airship Account Management Team and the Optus Digital Experience Team

For their use of in-app automation and messaging to enhance engagement with Optus Sport during key moments in the Women’s FIFA World Cup.

Thank you to our finalists and judges!

Each submission was scored by our by our esteemed panel of judges. Scores were based on creativity, innovative thinking, consumer value, and results related to KPIs.

Stuart Dunleavy
Head of Retention & Growth Marketing @ AT&T

Alexander Wittkowski
Head of Mobile Channels @ Wells Fargo

Amitkumar Banka
Head of Growth Marketing, User Acquisition & Retention, Product Initiatives @ Swiggy

Kim Zorn
Global Director of Performance Marketing @ Princess Polly

Adayna Gonzalez
VP, Product Management, App Engagement Platforms @ Comcast

Beckie Turnbull
Head of Social @ Pretty Little Things

Phil O’Hagan
Head of Pay & Fraud @ Sainsbury

Guillaume Lelait
Chief Growth Officer & Managing Director US @ M&C Saatchi

What award winners receive

Industry recognition

Winners will be recognized by a panel of industry experts and will be featured across Branch’s blog, social media channels, and media outreach.

A Mobile Growth media kit

Including LinkedIn badges, a blog spotlight, and Zoom backgrounds.

Award package

A personalized award package for you and your team.

What Mobile Growth winners have to say

Working with Branch has been a great experience as we integrate their services into our app and deep linked emails. They are responsive and extremely helpful in addressing any issues that arise.

Brandon Winter
Manager of Marketing Production

By integrating Branch into our marketing tech stack across channels and platforms, we’ve ensured wider reach to our target customer with effective communication about the best brand experience with Domino’s App like: faster delivery, more offers, no additional fee, etc. Branch provides real-time actionable information so we can see campaigns that perform the best and those that need adjustments dynamically without the need to disrupt the live campaign.

Headshot of Harneet Singh, CEO at Domino’s Pizza Indonesia

Harneet Singh
CEO Domino’s Pizza Indonesia

Branch has given my team the ability to access, both granular and big picture, marketing metrics and customer insights at a glance. Branch serves as the source of truth for our team in terms of setting up campaigns and measuring results. This creates a win-win situation for both our team as well as our users.

Aakash Goyal
AVP of Marketing


  • Can I self-nominate?

    Yes! You can submit an application on behalf of yourself or someone else.
    Start application here

  • Is there a fee to submit a nomination?

    No, there is no fee associated with the Mobile Growth Awards.

  • Are Branch customers automatically nominated?

    No, any Branch customer wishing to participate must apply.

  • Is this program limited to U.S. nominees only?

    No, we highly encourage global participation.

  • How will I be notified if I am selected?

    We will announce the finalists in November and the winners in December.

  • How are the winners selected?

    Our panel of judges will review each submission and select the finalists to be announced in November. From the list of finalists, winners will be selected and announced in December.

  • I still have questions, who can I contact?

    If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact us at [email protected].

  • What are the terms and conditions, and the official rules of entry?
    • An entry is defined as a written submission proposing a product, service, app, platform, or initiative for one award category.
    • The deadline for entries is Friday, October 27. Submissions must be received before 11:59PM (GMT) on this date to be eligible for entry.
    • Any entry may be withdrawn up until 11:59pm on Friday, October 27th upon written request to the organizers.
    • All entries should relate to business conducted over the past year.
    • Entries will be judged solely on the information provided via the online entry form (including video demos provided in support of the entry).
    • By submitting an entry, participants grant Branch the right to use their submission content, including text, images, and videos, for marketing and promotional purposes.
    • The judges’ decisions are final, and there will be no further correspondence in this regard. Details of the judging panel sessions will not be disclosed.
    • The winners will be announced via public announcement and press release.
    • By entering the Mobile Growth Awards, participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with any of the terms may result in disqualification.

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