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We are already connected to your partners

Easily send Branch data to your marketing and analytics partners to measure and optimize your campaigns.

  • Automatically send your data without disrupting your existing workflow.
  • Build first-party audiences for campaign targeting using Branch data.
  • Receive advanced analytics and fraud detection.


Real-time event callbacks for any purpose

Create fully customized webhooks to send Branch events where you need them, whenever you need them.

  • Send Branch events to the endpoint of your choice for your own internal analysis.
  • Export install and down-funnel data in real-time.
  • Customize the type of notifications you receive, and for which events.

Learn more about webhooks

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Export data with a powerful suite of APIs

Log-level APIs

Ideal for fetching raw metadata and user-level data for each event.

Aggregate APIs

Ideal for querying summarized event data — including breakdowns across a subset of available dimensions.

  • Aggregate Export API: Fetch aggregate-level data in large batches to analyze different marketing dimensions.
  • Cohort Export API: Understand trends, user behavior, and performance metrics over time.
  • Cross-Events Export API: Export numerous aggregate-level datasets simultaneously, which improves workflows, eliminates data restrictions, and ensures data integrity across third-party endpoints.
  • Query API: Export real-time, select subsets of Branch data, dating as far back as two years


Powerful APIs – ideal for analyzing campaign data

  • Test API calls directly from the Reference page for convenient debugging.
  • Easily get familiar with your Branch data, using streamlined, easy-to-consume API detail structures.
  • API parameters are defined clearly and simply — allowing you to send API requests on any page utilizing your Branch data.

Try our API Reference

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Which Branch Data Export solution should I use

With all of these different options, understanding which API is the right tool for the job is critical. Use our handy
flowchart to determine which API you should use for each purpose.

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