Reach the right people

Build custom audiences to find the customers you want to engage and drive higher ROAS, without compromising privacy

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Communicate the perfect message to the ideal customer, at the right moment

Drive incremental revenue, win back inactive users, and stop paying for customers you already have.

Increase campaign performance

Get higher return on ad spend (ROAS) with precision retargeting of high-value active users and eliminate wasted spend in your acquisition campaigns by excluding existing customers. Re-engage lapsed users, boost propensity to purchase, and increase sessions per user.

Advanced omnichannel list building

Build audiences based on criteria including advertising exposure across multiple ad networks, app and web interactions through owned and earned marketing channels, past purchases, in-app behavior, and more.

Get your lists how and where you need them

Download CSVs to import into your ad networks, or eliminate manual work by automatically uploading audiences to selected advertising platforms.

Privacy-conscious targeting

Generate audiences that respect user choice by automatically excluding end users who opt out of ads personalization via platform-level privacy frameworks.

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