A Leading Gaming App Drives User Acquisition and Increases Engagement With Branch




increase in MAUs


reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)


increase in conversions

Company background

The internet-based technology and gaming group originated as a garage startup that dared to dream and paved the way for India’s online skill-based gaming landscape. The company is a pioneer for online skill-based gaming and customer loyalty.

With a current user base of over 15 million players across multiple products, the gaming group continues to develop games, content, and online services to provide the best-in-class entertainment at the user’s fingertips. 


Like many companies in the gaming industry, this company relies heavily on paid advertising to drive app user acquisition across multiple affiliates and ad networks, including Facebook.

An aggressive growth strategy requires a reliable measurement partner to attribute installs from multiple channels accurately and act as a single source of truth for all strategic decisions. As paid cost per install (CPI) channels become more saturated, and costs continue to rise, this gaming company has to drive higher quality installs on a smaller budget. It also needs to make sure that its investment pays off with accurately attributed installs from both Facebook and other ad networks. 

That’s when it found Branch. 


This company implemented Branch’s Universal Ads product for one of its main gaming apps to drive user acquisition and track down-funnel events. Branch’s platform helped the brand scale up its campaigns to more than 50+ partners and accurately attribute events to their respective partners. 

Deep linking through Universal Ads allows this gaming app to respond to user behavior contextually. If a user already has the app installed, their click seamlessly takes them into the app. If not, they are sent to the app store to download the app. Beyond improving user experiences, Universal Ads makes it possible to identify and measure paid ad install performance accurately. 

Illustrative image of Branch's Universal Ads product.

In addition to Universal Ads, the gaming app uses the export API included in Branch’s Data Feeds product to seamlessly transition the data from Branch servers to the companies in-house database.


Working with Branch, the gaming app saw:

  • A 91% increase in MAUs
  • Reduced cost-per-action (CPA) by 20%
  • A 3x increase in conversions since working with Branch

The gaming company now has better-performing paid campaigns that lead to higher quality installs, more accurate in-house data, and attribution that ensures installs are credited to the correct paid ad partner every time. The company’s senior manager of digital marketing shared, “Branch has completely changed our approach to paid ads. We see higher quality installs and better ROI from our paid advertising. Partnering with Branch has provided us with more accurate attribution data that we wouldn’t otherwise have.”

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