How Dubsmash Uses Content Sharing to Boost User Engagement and Retention

The Dubsmash app allows users to record hilarious videos of themselves in which they dub over famous audio snippets. Dubmash videos are incredibly popular and their pervasiveness can be found all across social media giants including channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The app boasts a well-over 4-star rating on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, with 1M+ reviews on Google Play and 15K+  on Apple’s App Store.

Creating Social Sharing Groups

With Dubsmash’s recent addition of a “Groups” feature, which allows users to share their videos with a group of people rather than just individuals, Dubsmash found the need to harness the power of social networks as options for this new feature. After all, friends’ recommendations and invitations are immensely valued and are a particularly important part of social networks. They turned to Branch to build a personalized welcome (or custom onboarding) screen for new users.


Engaging a Community With Content Sharing

By building a customized onboarding experience, Dubsmash was able to encourage engagement with the Groups feature by using Branch links as their form of invitation. When a user clicks on the link, that had been either shared with them or posted somewhere on social media, he or she is taken to the respective app store to download the app. After the user installs the app, he or she is then routed to an in-app page that shows the name of the group, the members in it, and the posts that have been made so far. This onboarding experience utilizes the social currency of the friend’s recommendation, making the new user much more likely to engage with the app and the group.

Content sharing for increased engagement

Benefits of the Personalized Invitation to Groups

By integrating Branch, Dubsmash has been able to gain greater insight into their Groups feature. Now, they are able to identify the group leaders most likely to engage other users in the feature, when previously they had no instrument available to collect the necessary data. Not only do they now have the added value of the additional data provided by Branch, the personalized invitation feature also boosts engagement and retention for new users. By utilizing this Branch feature, Dubsmash saw:

  • 50% increase in shared links clicked
  • 16% increase in one-day retention
  • 24% increase in one-week retention
  • 50% increase in one-month retention

Personalized onboarding is one of the most popular ways our partners have integrated Branch. Want to see more use cases? Check out how Gogobot boosted engagement and increased the conversion to signup rate by up to 78% with this feature. Interested in implementing this feature? Visit our dev portal or just click the button below to get started!