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About Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild is a mobile and online florist with a fresh approach to sending flowers. With the mission to make flower delivery the joy and delight that it should be, the company relies on innovative mobile technologies at every stage of the customer journey. Knowing that consumers always prefer to order flowers on the go, Bloom & Wilde has built industry-leading iOS and Android mobile apps that make it possible to order from a carefully designed and curated flower gift range in well under a minute.

The web-to-app journey

With device-native features such as Apple Pay, Bloom & Wild’s mobile apps simultaneously provide more seamless user experiences and higher conversion rates than its mobile website. The challenge then becomes how to drive app adoption effectively. The team was well aware of the cost associated with paid acquisition tactics and decided to leverage their website traffic instead. 

Data shows that once a given customer engages with the mobile app, he or she is more likely to continue to engage with the brand, resulting in higher lifetime value (LTV).  In other words, Bloom & Wild’s ideal customer acquisition strategy began with acquiring mobile web users, and then converting them into app users through personalized flows. This ultimately enables the Bloom & Wild team to minimize user acquisition costs while providing smooth user experiences. 


Bloom & Wild has been using the Branch mobile linking platform to deep link customers from various channels into apps ever since it launched mobile apps. Now, the company has decided to take advantage of the Journeys web-to-app solution to convert mobile web visitors to app users with higher engagement and LTV. 

Bloom & Wild has leveraged a range of web-to-app capabilities from Branch’s Journeys in order to achieve their acquisition goals:

  • Audience segmentation: Targeting only web visitors without the app installed, to avoid promoting the app to existing app users.
  • A/B testing: Running as many as a dozen variations of banners simultaneously to test the effectiveness of different colors, calls to action, and placements, so the team can find the most effective combination of message and creative.
  • Intuitive banner editing: Customizing the look and feel of each banner easily without developer involvement, using Branch’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Journeys editor.

Branch’s robust mobile linking capabilities also enabled the Bloom & Wild team to pass coupon codes from the banner assets into the app, giving a seamless web-to-app user experience the personalized touch that will keep new app users coming back.


Using Branch’s Journeys, Bloom & Wild has converted organic and low-cost mobile web traffic into highly-engaged native app users. Following Bloom & Wild’s launch of Branch’s Journeys web-to-app banners, the number of Bloom & Wild users completing first purchases in the app doubled almost immediately

“Branch’s Journeys has significantly increased our conversion rate by reducing steps in the purchase process. This has significantly increased our overall LTV, as app users are worth more than web visitors. We love working with the Branch team, and have integrated the technology into all our marketing processes and platforms. It’s simple for our marketing team to use (without the need for assistance from developers), the tech is reliable, and the customer support is excellent. Branch is an essential tool for us, and is integrated into our entire marketing strategy.”

Headshot of Jim Warren

Jim Warren, Marketing Director
Bloom & Wild

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