How Branch Helped Rummy Passion Control Marketing Costs and Deliver Superior Cross-channel Experiences




reduction in marketing costs


reduction in customer acquisition costs for affiliate campaigns


reduction in fraudulent installs


increase in attributed sales for affiliate partners

About Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion is a leading digital card game platform for rummy players in India. They are committed to offering a gaming experience beyond players’ expectations, and their progressive and service-oriented team is led by professionals with decades of experience in the online gaming industry across India, the US, and the UK. 

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Rummy Passion provides a multi-platform gaming app accessible on Android, iOS, desktop web, and mobile web. This led to some critical challenges early on as they scaled, particularly when it came to validating their attribution data across different ad partners. As they relied on hundreds of network partners, not knowing precisely where customers came from was limiting for their marketing teams. This also prevented them from gaining a granular understanding of their channel performance.

Furthermore, to help reduce their customer acquisition costs (CAC), Rummy Passion needed to capture all down-funnel events to understand the full user journey. However, since they weren’t deep linking users into their app, they had only a partial view into their user journey and were unable to provide seamless experiences across platforms. As a leading gaming platform, providing seamless experiences was a key expectation and the inability to offer it was limiting growth in their total installs and conversions

Lastly, Rummy Passion (like most leading gaming apps) also struggled with the rampant scale of fraudulent registrations and fake personas. This led to less than desirable gaming experiences for their loyal gamer community, and was an issue they wanted to remedy. 


Fortunately for Rummy Passion, Branch came to the rescue on all counts. 

For paid marketing on Facebook, Google, and affiliate partners, Rummy Passion implemented Branch Universal Ads. With Branch’s consolidated reporting dashboard, their team was now able to look at all of their advertising channels in a single unified view, which wasn’t possible before. The ease of creating measurement links helped the team seamlessly roll out new campaigns, allowing them to attribute their campaigns’ performance accurately on the Branch dashboard. After implementing Branch links, Rummy Passion’s Customer Acquisition Cost for affiliate marketing campaigns dropped by over 30%, and some major affiliate marketing partners saw a staggering 10x increase in attributed sales. These impressive results were due to improved attribution for conversions that occurred inside the app, which would previously have been reported as organic. 

Using Branch links, Rummy Passion could configure tracking for all of their marketing efforts across communications, ad channels, and their own website. This reliable, single source of truth for data from across diverse channels helped Rummy Passion optimize campaigns based on accurate data, allowing them to drill down into which channels drove the most traffic and conversions with confidence. Rummy Passion also took advantage of Branch’s strength in providing crystal clear down-funnel event attribution, allowing them to understand their user journey with precision and continuity. With a centralized system that connected both ad attribution and downstream events, Rummy Passion could optimize budget allocation and channel prioritization to maximize ROI on marketing spend. All in all, Rummy Passion was able to align their advertising and marketing activities to reduce overall costs by 35%. 

Another added benefit of working with Branch was flexible support of dynamic long links. This reduced redirection errors and allowed other team members to create deep links effortlessly using shared spreadsheets. Branch helped Rummy Passion quickly scale their linking strategy across teams, ultimately helping drive up app installs and improve the overall user journey.

Last but not least, with the help of Branch, Rummy Passion was able to implement and execute sophisticated rules for fraud prevention, which helped in figuring out and controlling incentivized traffic and fraudulent activities like click injection, device conflict, suspicious conversions, and creation of fake personas. As Rummy Passion scaled rapidly, they were able to decrease the number of fraudulent registrations and deposits done by affiliates, and reduce fraudulent installs by 50% for selected channels.

Three screenshots of examples of Rummy Passion’s dynamic and localized mobile ad campaigns.

“As a rapidly growing gaming company in an exceptionally aggressive Indian market, Rummy Passion is focused on giving the best-in-class experience to its customers, while constantly driving adaptable techniques to speed up our versatile growth plans.

Branch has helped us in solving our deep linking and funnel tracking challenges, but also enabled Rummy Passion to enhance its marketing efforts in achieving overall business goals.”

Headshot of Jitender Singh

Jitender Singh, Growth Marketing, Passion Gaming
Rummy Passion


All in all, by partnering with Branch, Rummy Passion gained the confidence to double down on their mobile growth strategies with performance campaigns, affiliate channels, and a genuine commitment to providing truly peerless, app-first experiences.

  • Overall reduction in marketing costs – 35%
  • Reduction in Customer Acquisition Costs for affiliate marketing campaigns – 30%
  • Increase in attributed sales for affiliate marketing partners – 10x
  • Reduction in fraudulent installs – 50%

“Branch has helped Rummy Passion in delivering best-in-class user experience campaigns and also helped in optimizing acquisition costs. We view Branch as a valuable partner in our growth journey.”

Headshot of Amandeep Singh

Amandeep Singh, Head of Digital Marketing, Passion Gaming
Rummy Passion

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